Victorian Lace Crochet Afghan

This is a fairly complicated pattern, but the results are worth the patience and effort. If you run into problems, see the comments below, which contain suggestions.



Spiral Crochet Lapghan

Judging from what I see around the web, the spiral crochet technique is becoming hot. Today, Crochet World newsletter posted a new pattern for a lapghan, and it certainly is eye catching. It requires using markers and moving them around, but otherwise looks  straightforward enough. The pattern can be accessed right over here.

Zigzag Eyelet Knit Throw

Nice and light for those cool summer nights and rainy days.

[Note: several readers have asked about the use of markers in this pattern. The abbreviation “pM” , for place marker, usually indicates that you place the marker when instructed to do so, then slip the marker each subsequent row until the instrux tell you to remove it. If it never indicates removal, just continue to the end of the pattern. Be sure to SLIP the marker, b/c if it becomes knitted in, you might not be able to get it out.]