Victorian Lace Crochet Afghan

This is a fairly complicated pattern, but the results are worth the patience and effort. If you run into problems, see the comments below, which contain suggestions.



37 thoughts on “Victorian Lace Crochet Afghan

  1. Donna Frost says:

    I have tried 5-6 times to make this afghan and it is not working. I end up short when I get to row 2. I love it and want to make it for my sister. Do you have any suggestions to what I may be doing wrong or where I could go to find out? It is absolutely a beautiful afghan. Thank you for your time.
    Donna Frost

    • Ruth Matrulla says:

      Hi Donna,

      I had the same problem and you have probably mis-counted or are skipping or adding a stitch. This video might help. If the link doesn’t come up for you, you can copy paste to you tube.

      • Ruth Matrulla says:

        I should have mentioned that this only shows a basic ripple and is different from the pattern but it might help with knowing what stitch to go into in the beginning and end.

    • Jean says:

      I had to start the pattern several times to get the count right. Either I did not chain enough or I skipped too many when making the points or valleys. Just count, count, count. This is where I had my most difficulty.

  2. katknit says:

    Hi Donna,

    I think you lose a stitch when you do this at the beginning and end of the row: Pull up a loop in first 2sc, YO and draw through all 3 loops on hook (counts as one sc),

    But then you pick up a stitch when you do this at the beg and end: sc in next 9 sc, 3 sc in next sc.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Kaye Vaughn says:

    At the end of the repeat on Row 9, I wind up with more than the last 4sc. What is the pattern for the other stitches before I do the last 4? I attempted to repeat the process used at the beginning of the row, but I wound up with 36 V-Sts instead of 35. Can anyone help me?

    This is a beautiful pattern, and I really want to be able to complete this project.


  4. Kaye says:

    I was able to figure out how to complete Row 9, and I came up with exactly the right amount of stitches. However, Row 10 gave me even more of a difficult time.

    Please, please anyone who has done this afghan, will you please let me know if you had to make adjustments to the pattern instructions on Row 10.

    • Jean Thompson says:

      How did you get row 9 to lay flat? Did you do the pattern exactly as it is written? Mine puckered when I got to the YO pull up a loop etc, then the V-stitches on the other side. When I completed these 2 V-stitches, the pattern puckered.

  5. sharon g says:

    Am I an idiot or what? I dont know whether right from the get go if I am to ALWAYS use back loop only starting at row 2? Or just at the beginning?

  6. katknit says:

    Don’t panic! The instrux for each row tell you whether to use the back loop or both loops.
    Let me know how your afghan comes out!

  7. Kaye Vaughn says:

    In case anyone else has the difficulty I had with row 10, I finally discovered what I was doing wrong, and I was able to complete the beautiful afghan.

    The instructions are correct, but my interpretation of them was the problem. It might be helpful, when doing row ten, if the instructions clarified how to count the chain-one spaces and the triples. I finally wrote the instructions in a numerical list, step by step, and found it made the instructions easier for me to follow.

  8. katknit says:

    Row 2-8: Ch 1, turn; working in Back Loops Only ( all rows to the 8th)

    Row 9: Ch 3, turn; working in Back Loops Only

    Row 10: Ch 3, turn; working in both loops of tr and in ch-1 sps

    Row 11: Ch 1, turn; working in Back Loops Only of each tr and each ch

    It looks like you work in back on all rows except 10.

  9. Fionna says:

    I want to do this blanket for my daughters expected baby.
    I have done rows 2-8 with no problems and am now on row 9
    I am only at the begining but either I am messing it up or i’m not getting it.
    Is there a video out there in syber space of this that i can watch and follow as it goes ?

    I know this is not for beginers but i want to move on from beginer crochet patterns.

    • Ruth Matrulla says:

      Don’t get discouraged. I have been crocheting for many years and this pattern is very confusing to follow. Hopefully someone will help us both out with that darn row 9!

      • Jean Thompson says:

        My daughter helped me with row 9 and we got it to work. Unfortunately we found it necessary to add chains between the V-Stitches to make the piece lay flat. Now row 10 becomes a problem because I now have too many ch 1 spaces. I’m not giving up yet. Maybe she and I together can figure it out. It is the most beautiful pattern I have seen for a long time and I am going to try very hard to get it right.

  10. Ruth Matrulla says:

    I’ve been crocheting since I was 8 years old and I’m now 55 and I can’t for the life of me figure out Row 9. Can someone post a stitch by stitch for row 9? I do the first tr then 2 v stitches and then I get stuck from there. I tried to just follow the pattern instructions without looking at what is in parentheses and I still can’t get it. HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

    • Jean Thompson says:

      I worked on row 9 and got it to work following the instructions exactly. The problem was my work did not lay flat. So my daughter & I decided to add ch 1 stitches and that made the work flat. Now, row 10 is a problem. When you go down into the lowest part of the V one of the YO draw up a loop twice goes on one side of the V skip 2 stitches and the second side of the YO pull up a loop and thru 2 stitches goes on the other side. That is where the piece begins to pucker. After the next 2 V-stitches are done the piece now does not lay flat. So I am still working on it. My daugher will help me again. She helped me with row 9. Maybe between the 2 of us, we can figure it out.

  11. Jean Thompson says:

    I. too am having trouble with row 9. I do the first 2 V0stitches, then down in the deepest part of the V, either the pattern is comfusing me or maybe I am just now reading it properly. When I do the two YO’s twice I end up with too many stitches on the up side of the V. If I do the pattern with just skipping one stitch in that V, the pattern works. But I am afraid Row 10 will not go on properly. If there was a video of that row, it would truly be helpful.

      • Jean Thompson says:

        That’s OK. I am still working at it. I did get the row to work, but it is not exactly like the pattern says. Do not know if row 10 will go on, but I will find out today!!

    • Kaye Vaughn says:

      It was a few years ago, so I do not recall how I resolved it, but it seems to me that I read and re-read the instructions like they are and finally figured it out. It did not pucker.

      • Jean Thompson says:

        Thanks anyway. My daughter and I will continue to work on it. I am determined to get it right and finish this beautiful pattern!

  12. Lori says:

    I realize this thread is old but hopefully someone is still reading it. I recently purchased the book with this patter and like all of you, I’m stumped at with row 9 and the following. If anyone has deciphered the pattern and has the key to unlock the mystery, please let me know. Thanks! LC

    • Kaye says:

      I suggest going to the site and reading through all the comments again. I found that I was misinterpreting the instructions. In one of the comments under Kaye Vaughn I explained how I kept a running talley of stitches.

      I gave the afghan to my granddaughter for graduation. It was beautiful.


      From my phone


    • Jean says:

      Lori: if you have come back to this site, I have completed the afghan. I would be glad to share with you what I did to make it work. On row 10, I finally got it to lay flat, but had to adjust the triples and chain 1 stitches just a bit. If you reply with contact info, I will e-mail you or talk to you on the phone.

      • Pam says:

        I am stuck on row 10. Trying to do for my granddaughter for her birthday…I have ripped out this row several times. I am confused on working in both loops of tr and chain one spaces…help!!

      • John Thompson says:

        On row 9 there is a V-st with 2 tr with a ch in between.  Then there are 3 tr  in the point. Row 10 will have a V st just before the point of row 9.  There will be 3 tr in the point of row 9 with a ch in between (tr, ch, tr).  After the third tr there is a ch then the side finishes with 2 more V-st.  Now you are at the low point of the ripple.  I hope this helps.  I have the afghan in front of me and it still is confusing.  I did have to adjust the stitches in row 9 as I think I told you.  It always seemed I had one stitch too many.  I skipped one coming up one side and I think I had to skip one on the other side so the decrease at the low point of the ripple would come out right.  I had to do that decrease several times, too, if I did not pay attention to what I was doing.  This is a beautiful afghan, but not one for anyone but an experienced crocheter.  I hope this helps.  Jean

  13. Karee says:

    This is an old thread I know…. The blanket is beautiful, but I too am stuck on row 9. If anyone out there figured it out please let me know. 😊

    Thanks Karee

    • Jean says:

      I did this pattern a couple years ago, and I thought row 9 had one stitch too many for the instructions. Because it was trebles, I just decreased it on each side, making 9 stitches. This works. I ripped this out several times and almost did not finish it.

      • Karee says:

        Thanks Jean, I somehow faked my way through row 9 and now row 10 is giving me troubles. It looks so pretty I may just fake my way the whole way through! I have ripped out so much my yarn started looking shabby, so sad to waste yarn. LOL But I am going to persevere! You finished yours which means it is doable. That’s all the encouragement I need.

      • Kaye says:

        Karee, I had great difficulty with this pattern, too, especially Rows 9 and 10. If you will scroll back through the comments, I left a comment in March 2009 about how I resolved Row 10. I hope it will be helpful. Above that entry is how I resolved Row 9. I concluded the instructions are correct but are very easy to misinterpret.

        Kaye Vaughn

        From my phone


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