11 thoughts on ““Corn on the Cob” crochet afghan

  1. Jeanne Whipple says:

    I love this pattern but when I try to print it out, it is so small I couldn’t read it. How can I print it bigger. Jeanne


  2. Barbara says:

    double click on the pattern directions
    look up at the top on the toolbar
    look for “page”
    click on the little arrow just to the right of the page button
    an menu should drop down
    look for “ZOOM”
    click zoom
    change the zoom to 200.

    You should be all set.
    You can go higher if need be.


  3. Rick says:

    I just got a look at your scan of Corn on the Cob, for myself I decided to blow it up as big as necessary in a paint program so I could make a better copy. You’re welcome to a copy of it. If you’re interested in it I can create a PDF of the whole thing picture included. Just let me know. And thanks for posting the pattern.


    • Hi my names Pauline, just seen the blog for the cob corn pattern you said you had a copy would you mind sending me one as i have tried to copy it as well and can’t get it to work .
      I’m trying to get a few patterns to try at our Community Cottage where I volunteer for our craft group. Nice and simple as I have a few Chinese ladies who come to the cottage.
      We’re trying to get some wool together as we are in a very poor area. We are The Waltham Community Cottage
      201 East hasting Street Christchurch New Zealand
      Many thanks Pauline


  4. Rick says:

    Katknit- its really no problem, I just thought hey, why not share this, as I’m sure there are readers with less than perfect eyesight that would struggle with thoes instructions. The only problem IS… my ignorance as to how to up load this PDF file to you. Feel free to email me directly if necessary or clue me in to an alternative please. (And you’re very welcome to this, my hope is that it will help at least one person.) OH, one last thing.. I’d sure appreciate you proof reading aginst the original, just incase i made a mistake.. Some parts were really sketchy and hard to read.


  5. Here are the instructions:
    Size 44″ x 54″ before fringing
    Worsted weight yarn 25 oz. yellow
    Size K aluminum crochet hook (or size required for gauge)
    Gauge: 8 dc = 3 ¼ ”
    Instructions: Loosely ch 136.
    Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across; 135 sc, ch3, turn (turning ch counts as first st of Row throughout)
    Row 2: Dc in each of next 3 sc; *sk 3 sts, shell of (4 dc, ch 1, 4 dc) all in next st; sk 3 sts, dc in next 8 sts; rep from * across to last 11 sts, sk 3 sts, shell in next st. sk 3 sts, dc in last 4 sts; ch 3, turn.
    Row 3: Dc in each of next 3 dc; * ch 4, sc into ch-1 sp of shell, ch 4, dc in next 8 dc; rep from * across, ending by working 4 dc instead of 8; ch 3, turn.
    Row 4: Dc in next 3 dc; * into center sc of next group, work a shell; dc in next 8 dc; rep from * across, ending by working 4 dc instead of 8; ch 3, turn.
    Rep Rows 3 and 4 for pattern. Work in pattern until piece measures 54″, ending by working Row 4; ch 1, turn.
    Last Row: Sc in next 3 dc; ch 3, sc in center of group; * ch 3, sc in center of group, ch 3, sc in next 8 dc; rep from * across, ending with 4 sc. Finish off.
    Cut strands 16″ long and use 6 strands for each knot. Knot in center st of each shell group across each short end.


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