Be My Valentine: Knitted Heart Socks

I made these in pink a couple of  years back, and really have enjoyed wearing them.

Lace weight yarn, size 2 (US) needles. From Crystal Palace Yarns.

pattern link


Be My Valentine: Guilt Free Crochet Chocolates

Reposting from last year, in time for Valentine’s Day:

Greetings from la Bella Roma! My husband and I are on vacation in Rome! How unbelievable. We got in about 8 hours ago,

and after a much needed nap, we’ve been checking in with our sweeties back home via email. I came across these crocheted Valentine chocolates, heart shaped box and all, and had to share the link with you all. Tomorrow I hope to be sampling some real cioccolato! La dolce vita!


This special little project requires worsted weight yarns and a size E (US) crochet hook. MMmmmm!