Little Knitted Bear

Introducing suave little Bubby the bear, from Another addition to the yet-to-be-knitted imaginary planned menagerie. Looks easy and quick too, not to mention it’s a great little stash buster!

Knitted Anne Boleyn – oh my!

This morning I finished reading a very interesting bio of Jane Boleyn, sister-in-law of the infamous Queen Anne. Then, as I was Stumbling rather randomly, up popped this astonishing site.  There’s no reason to find this surprising, as, several years ago during a visit to Hampton Court Palace, I bought a cross stitch kit depicted Henry VIII and his 6 wives. I still haven’t completed the needlework, and my friend tells me I could do so more easily  by leaving the heads off Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. That may just happen, but one thing’s certain; I’m not knitting this doll.