Side to Side Mittens

There’s a new presence on the knitting web, Rosie’s Yarn Cellar, located in Philadelphia. (Website: This past month, they’ve posted several cool patterns, and today I came across this cool mittens pattern, knitted from side to side, and shaped using short rows.  Designed by Lisa R. Myers, and named “Burt’s Mittens, this looks like it’d be lots of fun to try out. I love all the innovations that have been coming out these last couple of years. Anyway, here’s the link to download the pattern.

Love short rows!


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Last summer I bought a new addition to my growing knitting library and a new skill to my knitting repertoire. Short rows! It’s a knitting method that uses increases and decreases to create totally new shapes and designs. As you can see above, I knitted a couple of fun wavy-edge scarves in 2 different variegated yarns. This particular pattern comes from one of my new favorite books; I picked mine up at a knitting shop, but it’s also available online in various places:

This “Knitter’s Dozen” series is great. The selection of patterns is usually pretty nice, and this particular edition shows some near ways of using some of the new yarns in those gorgeous colorways. I had a fantastic time knitting these, and plan to make more.