7 thoughts on “Be My Valentine: Knitted Heart Socks

  1. Debbie says:

    Oh! I’m glad I found you. I want to make these cute socks for Valentine’s Day for my granddaughter. She is six-years-old, and she wears a size 11 children’s shoe size. I’m not great at converting patterns. Do you think if I use a size 1 needle, that these might be small enough to fit her? Could I cast on a smaller amount and make the heart pattern fit? I’ve looked everywhere for a little girl’s pattern like this, and I can’t find one.

    What do you think?


  2. katknit says:

    Debbie, if you use the small needle and sock weight yarn, they should come out OK. The pattern is based on a 16 stitch repeat, and b/c I have small feet, I made mine by subtracting 16 stitches, which produced 3 hearts instead of 4. The pattern does require concentration till you get beyond the hearts and diamonds.
    Have fun! Please visit often.


  3. Sandra Rhule says:

    i have aproblem or two! What yarn is this,baby sock or fingering? i am in uk. when i googled, it seem like a Aran?worsted weight. your blog seems to suggest laceweigt?

    what is the correct yardage/meterage?

    what is the correct gauge and on wahat needles US or metric. ineed this info for substitution.

    Thank you for help in advance. please help me as i want to knit this for my valentine.



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