Natural Curls Tote

Having naturally curly hair,  alternately the bane and joy of my existence, the title of this stylish bag caught my eye. It’s a free crochet pattern from Italian designer Nicoletta Tronci, featuring lots of single crochet to make the fabric sturdy, and some whimsical topstitching to fancy it up. It would probably look great in any color, but I really like the purple.

Knitting Tips: How to make a twisted fringe

To add a neat twisted fringe to the edge of  a scarf, blanket, or other object, use an appropriate size crochet hook and your chosen yarn.

Sl st in first st, ch 1, *pull up a loop 12″ long, turn your hook 18 times, sl st into next st letting the loop just formed fold in half and twist around itself, ch 1 * repeat across.

Two Favorite Crocheted Cowl Patterns

Lion Brand has come a long way, baby, since the days of their generic acrylic yarns in basic colors.

Last month, a friend asked me to crochet a cowl for her, using a pattern she found on the net. I prefer knitting to crochet, but the cowl came out so beautiful that I just had to make one for myself, in the same colorway (Lion Brand Homespun, in Tudor, a blend of natural, blues, and lavenders.) The original sports a button closure, which I decided to forego in favor of joining the edges to make a ring. The pattern can be purchased at etsy. Lion Brand has a similar pattern, free of charge, here.


The single crochet cowl, in Lion Brand’s new line, Unique (I used 2 skeins in Oceania), is very simple to make, mostly single crochet through the back loop. That pattern can be found here.

Both of these creations elicit admiration each time I wear them, and they’re both nice and cozy.