Crochet History: Older Than We Thought?

This photo may look like a close up of a classic crocheted chevron afghan, but it’s not. Surprisingly, it’s a piece of fabric found in an Egyptian tomb, from around 900 1to 1100 AD.  The February 16, 2010 issue of the online Talking Crochet newsletter contains a fascinating  article about this museum piece, which appears to have been made with thread using a needle to create the uniform regularity of the design. Could it be that the technique of crochet far older than we thought? Click below for further info:


Copyright© 1990 A Living Mystery The House of White Birches

Knitting as Art: The International Tree Project

Interesting in participating in a collaborative fiber arts project? Last year, University of Alabama’s Jennifer Marsh created  fiber covered gas station. Now, she’s organizing another huge project– a covered tree in Huntsville, Alabama. Participants are asked to make and submit a leaf, using any fiber arts technique. The deadline is March 15, and her site contains all the info you need, including a downloadable entry form and basic instructions. This is a fun opportunity to be part of  large scale experiment with people from around the world. Click right here to learn more.

I’m in! Now to plan my creation….

Knitting Tips: How to convert an image to a knitting or crochet chart

I used Arc Soft Photo Studio, but probably many other photo software programs do the same thing.

Upload photo.

Select effects from overhead toolbar. I used liquid, splash, intensity 20%. Make it blurry so you can judge what colors of yarn to use.

lamb blurred

Back to the effects tab. Select tiling, 3D grid from dropdown menu.


You can adjust the size of the grid squares to suit. Run off a copy and there’s your knitting chart.