Corina’s Second Sweater – Top Down Cardigan

Originally posted nearly four years ago, this is such a nice pattern I decided to offer it again. It’s become a favorite:

Just finished knitting my second Grammy sweater for baby Corina, now 3 months old. Clear directions, easy to size, on medium needles. A joy. She’s my Magical Baby.


Me and My Shadow Toddler Hoodie

My first granddaughter, Corina,  is nearly three years old now (unbelievable!). When she was tiny (I should say tinier), I knitted a hooded raglan sweater for  her, but she outgrew it quickly, and I’ve been searching fruitlessly ever since for a similar cardigan in toddler sizes. Today, Knitting Pattern Central actually listed one! The search is over, at least until Corina needs a child size! Here’s the pattern .

And here’s the  link to a picture and the pattern for  that first infant  hoodie.

Winter Knits: Snowflake Hat

This is my own design, something I knitted up to sell at my arts center shop. It’s a simple, basic child’s knit hat pattern, which I modified by not doing the increases at the crown. Instead, I knitted straight and when it reached the length I wanted, bound off. Crocheted a tie from novelty yarn with little white ribbons plied in, attaching some clear plastic snowflake beads. Sometimes I sew on the clear snowflake beads, and sometimes embroider snowflakes using white and silver yarn. Happy to say that the 3 or 4 versions I made last fall all sold at Christmas.