Gotta knit

TENUI FILO MAGNUM TEXITUR OPUS “From one fine thread a work art is born” … Moody… 

My mom taught me to knit when I was knee high. I’m taller now, and I try to knit at least a little every day. Recently, after a 22 year career as a school psychologist, I took early retirement, and now have more time to devote to travel and other interests, principally reading and knitting. I also work part-time as a teacher and guide at 2 local history museums, where I specialize in textile arts, especially spinning flax and wool, and natural dyeing.

A big change in the lives of my husband Tony and I has been the birth of our first grandchild, Corina Catherine. What a sweetie pie! I’m not a person who loves taking care of tiny babies, but Corina I can’t resist. She’s been my magical baby since she was born on April 14. Recalling how quickly my own 2 kids outgrew their clothes, I haven’t done a lot of knitting for Ree, but recently found an irresistible sweater pattern (see Baby Corina’s Sweater on this blog) and knitted it up in 2 days. I’m now working on a larger sweater for fall and winter, which I’ll post when there’s enough progress to photograph.

I tend to read and knit in big chunks, focusing upon a narrow slice of a topic, and since this past winter have been doing lots of experimenting with socks, and patterns like spirals, mosaics, and miters. I never liked knitting with double pointed needles, so when a friend introduced me to the Magic Loop technique, I was off and running. Now I’m beginning to fool around with sock design on my own.

Gotta knit!


bandsmplr.jpg hookedrug.jpg In addition to knitting, I occasionally do other fiber crafts, such as rug hooking (not latch hook), crewel, embroidery and cross stitch. I can remember long summer afternoons spent with my school girlfriends hanging out in the shade of our maple tree, embroidering or tatting. (Wish I could remember how to tat.)


And, I also love cats. Cats and knitting go together so well. All 3 of ours are former homeless strays who appeared in our lives and, as the saying goes, adopted us. Pictured here is Tooncy, who is 21 this year. (He’s asleep, not dead!) Did you ever notice how cats love to plop down on your knitting?


26 thoughts on “Gotta knit

  1. Your needlework is absolutely fabulous! I love your blue & ecru stitchery! It must have taken forever to complete! And what a delicious grandchild!! You will never tire of knitting for her for sure! Lucky you! :o)

  2. Rose Rogan says:

    Hi, I am unable to access the url for the mitre knitting pattern as it appears to come back with a security breach could you email me it?

  3. katknit says:

    I’ll look into this for you, but I’m not sure which post/pattern you mean. Let me know so I can help.

    Good weekend!

  4. Barbara says:

    I would love to see you free patterns hoping there might be something new I can use for my charity knitting, but I get an error when I click on the free pattern link on your site.
    Thanks for any help on hoe I can access them, always looking for soemthing new to make for those needy babies.

  5. katknit says:

    I don’t know why the links aren’t working for you, but you can get around the problem by copying the link to your search bar and clicking go.
    Let me know how you do.

  6. Rose Rogan says:

    Hi Linda,
    it was the link to the mitre style knitting pattern (square neck) apologises about the delay in getting back to you…just had twins and don’t get as much free time as I used to.


  7. katknit says:

    There are 2 raglans for babies on the blog, one hooded and one vintage. They both have the pattern link listed at the bottom of the post. If you can’t access the pattern after clicking the link, let me know which one and I’ll send it to you more directly.

  8. Hey, I knit, do wool rug hooking too, and love my THREE ktties!!! We have lots in common. Love seeing your projects. Very pretty. Have a great day, and say hello to your kitties for me.

  9. gail candido says:

    Don’t know where to enter this but I have a question about your felted mitten pattern. It says to knit (for the largest) 7 inches of hand before shaping the top. I did 8 inches and it still doesn’t look big enough. What am I reading wrong?

    • katknit says:

      Gail, without knowing how you’ve made this, I can’t say whether you did something wrong or not. But, based upon my own experiences, if I thought the hand was too small, I’d simply make it longer. Hope this helps.

  10. Jo Gent says:

    I have been reading that you were not very pleased with your copy of Debbie Bliss Magazine Fall/Winter 2008 I live in the UK and was wondering if you would sell it to me and post it I am prepared to cover all costs.

    Many Thanks

    Jo Gent

    • katknit says:

      I’d be glad to send it to you, but have no idea what the costs would be. Also, you should be aware that I’ve had problems with international mail going astray.


  11. Petra Ahnfors says:

    I saw a link to Project Gutenberg on Ravelry. Gutenberg has a copy of Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Needlework, and she has a chapter on tatting. I haven’t seen anyone tatting since my childhood in India, where one of Mum’s friends tatted. (The others just tattled…)

    • katknit says:

      I understand that, Kathy. But this title is taken from the phrase used in the movies when someone’s about to kill someone: “You’re history”, meaning “your life is over.

  12. Oooo, you love to do the same things I do! I am self-taught regarding shuttle tatting utilizing a VHS tape from the library by Mildred Clark.
    I love your Sampler….simple, yet elegant.
    LOL, yes, cats love to plop down on knitting! Meg Swansen shows that on her video’s. Funny!!
    Happy New Year!

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