Knitted Poppy

Memorial Day 2016 come and gone , but this little poppy pattern would be perfect for next year, or  for Veterans’ Day, which is coming  up fast.   Most knitted or crocheted flowers tend to be fluffy or floppy, but Lion Brand’s poppy is smooth and simple. Nice by itself  for a pretty, summery pin, or for embellishing bags, hats, sweaters, or just to wear on special days to show gratitude to generations of vets.

The pattern is free, but you must be a member to access it. Free and easy to sign up.




5 thoughts on “Knitted Poppy

  1. Thanks for the comment (from Ravelry Blogger’s group). I had a chance this am to check out some of your posts. Very interesting historicial stuff. I am very intrigued, and have added your link to my reader.

    I may be looking for a statue of Old Fiacre. Or of someone I can call that, at least!

  2. katknit says:

    Hi Becky,
    Thank you – glad you’ve found the site interesting. I have 2 statuettes of Fiacre that came from local garden centers.

  3. I printed off the pattern. There sure is a lot of sewing involved with this one. We buy felt like poppies every year for Remembrance Day from our Canadian vets. They usually get thrown away to by new. I would love to wear this instead and save the l;and fills. I could still give a donation.

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