Speckled Scarf



This morning while surfing over at  Purl Soho, which  is quickly becoming my fave knitting website, this simple but classic scarf caught my eye. It’s made with fingering weight linen yarn, and resembles woven fabric rather than knitted, I think. Equally suitable for women and men. Recommended needle size is U.S. 3.  The slip stitch pattern should go fairly quickly despite the fine yarn.

Funny, I just realized that with knitting as well as reading, I choose projects or books according to my current mood. It has to feel right, or I can’t drum up any enthusiasm. Lately, I’ve been going for wraps and scarves, even though I certainly don’t need more of those! What I most enjoy about knitting is watching the patterns and colors develop as I work. What kind of knitter are you?


4 thoughts on “Speckled Scarf

  1. Cheryl L. says:

    When I first saw this scarf on Purl SoHo I really liked it too. When it comes to picking a new knitting project (there are so many that I’d love to knit!), but can’t possibly do them all – so, when it comes to starting a project, it’s the one that nags at me the most in my head!


  2. tonymarkp says:

    Yay! I have scraps of sock yarn and I’ve been wondering if I want an afghan or a scarf. Just think about using sock yarn scraps: group colors into light and dark.


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