One Cable Hand Warmers

imageToday I discovered my next ” muffatees” project. At the Connecticut  Works festival this afternoon, which was held on the beautiful grounds of the Avery-Copp house museum in Groton,  I sold a pair of cabled arm warmers that were cabled from fingers to elbow. They were very pretty, but felt too bulky for my own use and I never wore them or made any others. When I arrived home,  I found that a very similar design for shorter mitts had  magically appeared in my email,  from the Blue Sky Alpacas newsletter.

The pattern is free, but you do have to create a free account to access the download, which you can get here . The beautiful worsted hand dyed yarn shown is named “Petunia”, and should work up quickly on the recommended size 9 (US) needles.

One thought on “One Cable Hand Warmers

  1. Hello Linda,

    My apologies for posting in the wrong place, but this is a crossover from your Amazon reviewing work because I have a book to suggest for review that I believe will be an excellent fit for you– and didn’t have another means of contact.

    Author Jodi Lew-Smith here. I’ve read some of your Amazon reviews for similar books of historical fiction and found them insightful. And then I happened to notice that you have a wool and fabric blog, and since fabric is–in a way– the topic of this novel, I wonder if The Clever Mill Horse might be one you’d be willing to review?

    The story revolves around the hypothetical flax gin that was never invented—the one that might have kept flax for linen growing in all the fields of the North. The Clever Mill Horse tells of an improbable heroine who made that machine work.

    Amazon page:

    Other reviews:

    I could send either print or ebook format. Also I have a link to a sample chapter if you’d like to see that first.

    Hope it might work for you!

    Best regards,


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