Knitting Tips: No-sew Circular Needle Holder

I knit almost everything on circulars, but like most knitters, find them a pain in the *** to store. So, I think this little thingy is ingenious! Requires 13 spools with 1/4 inch holes, floral wire, markers, scrap yarn or fabric, and glue. And only 15 or 20 minutes to assemble. From Jen at pieknits DOT com.



28 thoughts on “Knitting Tips: No-sew Circular Needle Holder

  1. Cait says:

    That is so ingenious!!!!! (and it deserves multiple exclamation points. I don’t know where to find thread spools, so am wondering if wooden beads with holes in them might work. You know,the kind you put on macrame and things like that? There are other wood items that could be found for such use. I will have to keep my eye open now I have large sized circulars and would need a hole larger than 1/4″, I think.
    Marvelous idea, where did you find it?
    The lady at the knitting store has us using a plastic/vinyl sleeve that is two pockets each sleeve and you file them in a 3 ring binder, but they are around $3.00 each sleeve with tax. That is what I have most of them in now, although I need more sleeves for all the circulars I find that I have. I like the idea that you could have different sets for different legnths of circulars. Nice crafty thing to do. Thanks a million for the idea.
    Where does the fabric and glue come in?


  2. katknit says:

    Hi Cait,
    Yes, I think beads could work. Spools are available at craft stores like Michael’s, where wood crafts supplies are sold. If you look at the picture, you’ll see the green on the end spools – I think that’s the cloth/glue part.



  3. Cait says:

    Hey Linda,
    Thanks, Have to go down to the cities this Monday, and will see what I can find. I think it would be easier to get all the diferent lengths together in the same diameter that way. Size 13 in 29, 32,40 together and so on. I am so excited. I will admit that the spools will be easier than beads to label, but will see what I can find when down there.
    Question, when you have a project on circulars, how do you prevent them from ‘re-kinking’ when putting back in and out of a tote or yarn holder? I don’t rally want to ‘steam’ them when the wool is on them, so am curious as to what you do. Thanks, Cait


  4. Amanda says:

    What an amazing concept! I love recycling things and I have a bunch of old spools that just might do the trick, so this is perfect for me!

    Can you relink the instructions? The link in the post isn’t working.


  5. Mina says:

    What’s with the link? It’s a double link that gets me to nowhere. Thanks in advance for either fixing it or letting me know where I went wrong.


  6. Laura says:

    Oh this is sooo genius … I tried to figure out a good or rather doable solution for my countless circular needles, but none of them made me really happy … Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant idea 🙂 … I’m going to make that one tomorrow !!!


    • The link now appears to be dead, Lee. But now I like the idea of gluing the spools together rather than fussing around with the wire.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.


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