Knitting Tips: Straightening Circular Needle Cables

Circular needles have many uses besides knitting in the round. But they can be a PITA when new, due to that pesky coil and twist the cable has after being removed from the package. Actually, the cable itself is basically straight, but gets twisted from the way it’s packaged. Luckily, it’s a simple matter to uncoil them. Just heat up some water (not to the boiling point, though) and dip the cable for a second or two, then remove and gently pull it straight until it’s cooled. Be careful not to dip the needles themselves or the places where the cable is joined, to avoid damage to those parts. When storing circulars, be sure not to wind them up again, or the twistiness will again set in. Here’s a link  to instructions for an easy, no-sew storage device that you can quickly make yourself, to avoid that problem.


Updated 11/19/13


14 thoughts on “Knitting Tips: Straightening Circular Needle Cables

  1. bj says:

    I was trying to look at the page with the circular needle holder and it keeps saying it is not found. Funny cuz it pops up when rolling over the link…

  2. trish says:

    this was a miraculous fix! i, too, will definitely bookmark this turtorial. i also love the “storage” idea using spools. 🙂 thx

  3. After the dip in the water, I put the cord behind my knee, bend my leg, and run it back and forth. Not wearing shorts, though. We have an electric kettle at the shop where I teach and I often show folks this trick. I never thought of the microwave!

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