Casual Comfort Jacket

Image of Casual Comfort JacketThis just up on the Lion Brand website. I don’t usually use thick yarns, but I like the color gradations on this jacket. If I decide to make one, I’ll probably cut the length to about the hip line. Usually unlined jackets bag around the seat when they’re too long. This does look cozy, doesn’t it? And I like the self finished edges without buttons or button holes.

Just talked myself into it! Requires three skeins of Homespun Thick and Quick, and a 36 inch circular needle, size 13. First you make the front and the back, then cast on for sleeves.

3 thoughts on “Casual Comfort Jacket

  1. Forest So Green says:

    I don’t have a size 13 needle, my biggest is size 11. It is interesting how people have their favorites. I agree that I would shorten the length. I really like the color. Have fun knitting 🙂


  2. I have a similar one that I bought once, that on me is almost to my ankles and has a hood. I’ve been trying to find a pattern. But, since it is so heavy, I want buttons. I might have to try this pattern.


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