Two Needle Christmas Stocking

Quick and easy. Worsted weight yarns, size 8 (US) needles. Knit flat, seamed up the back.


Divide for Heel
(RS) K13 and sl to holder for right half of heel; k17 and sl to 2nd holder for instep; k13 for left half of heel. Work on these 13 sts only. Should read k27 and sl to 2nd holder for instep.



6 thoughts on “Two Needle Christmas Stocking

  1. what must I do to get the pattern for the two needle Christmas stocking pictured above? Pattern keeps sending me to a site called the samrt yarns and there is nothing there related to the stockinig. I would like to make it for my greatgrandaughters first Christmas but time is running out. Please email me an answer of some sort or the pattern.
    Thank you,
    Sandra Gross

    • katknit says:

      Well, that’s a heck of a thing! Last week it was the correct link and this week it isn’t. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve changed the link to a different site – hope this one works for you.
      Happy holidays!

  2. Olesya says:

    Hello, i happened to see Two Needle Christmas Stocking and was trying to find the pattern to it, but it always sends me to the Canadian site with stockings. Please if you can link or send me the pattern to the “Two Needle Christmas Stocking” it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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