Knitting Tips: Non Slip Sock Bottoms

A quick and easy way to make the soles of your socks or slippers non-skid is to use a product from the hardware store. “Plasti-dip” is a paint like substance marketed for making the handles of tools less slippery. For socks, use a foam paint brush, and daub the Plastidip on to the soles. No more skidding on hardwood or tile floors. It retails for between $6-8.

For a spray on solution, the same company also sells an aerosol package. Seems like the daub on method would be easier to control, though.

Updated 10/17/12

8 thoughts on “Knitting Tips: Non Slip Sock Bottoms

  1. Stormie says:

    I checked your suggestion out, and after seeing the product, I can see that this is a great way to stretch my dollar. Thanks so much for the tip.


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