Knitting Tips: Sock Heel Chart

Having knitted so many pairs of socks, by now I can pretty much crank them out without a pattern, except for remembering the numbers for turning the heel. Socks made on 56 stitches, for example, have different heel numbers than those on more or fewer.

Here’s a handy chart for knitting different styles of sock heels, in accordance with the number of stitches cast on at the beginning of the pattern.

Find the chart right over here .

If you’d like to watch a video tutorial about turning heels, I’ve posted a good video here .





10 thoughts on “Knitting Tips: Sock Heel Chart

  1. Dore J. Levy says:

    Many, many thanks for providing this wonderful chart. It has been so liberating for me! I can chose the heel I want and the gauge without fear. I will definitely knit more socks (and I have an impressive stash of sock yarns!) because of your help.

  2. deborah bartlett says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your wonderfully clear instructions and chart. I am knitting socks for the first time and have had to undoe the heel five times. Thanks to you I now have a perfect sock heel. Thank you SO much.

  3. Sandi says:

    Thanks for the chart. I am absolutely sure I will eventually learn to knit socks. Have a pair OTN now, but just can’t shake that little voice that keeps saying “You can’t do this” .

  4. Karen says:

    I’m working on improvising a child’s bootie/sock with chunky wool. I’m starting with 20 stitches. Any such heel chart for such a small number of starting stitches?

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