Knitting equivalent weights for cone yarns

Prices for cones of yarn are much more affordable than smaller skeins, but I never understood how they compared to knitting sizes. Here’s a chart for quick reference.

2/24 weight yarn: 5,960 yards per pound, “lace weight” .
2/20 weight yarn: 5,600 yards per pound, “lace weight”.
2/18 weight yarn: 5,040 yards per pound, “lace weight” .

All 3 of the above are useful for lace work, handknitting, machine knitting, crochet, etc.

2/8 weight yarn: 2,240 yards per pound, “fingering weight” .

3/8 weight yarn: 1,490 yards per pound, “sport weight” .
4/8 weight yarn: 1,120 yards per pound, “DK” weight .

These 2 yarns fall into the category of “DK” weight. Cost effective, good for hand knitting.


3 thoughts on “Knitting equivalent weights for cone yarns

  1. When I started knitting dishcloths, I picked up some cones of worsted weight kitchen cotton…. then got soooo sick of knitting with the same color, lol.

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