Knitting as Art: Sounds

For me, one of the pleasures of knitting is listening to the quiet click of the needles. It’s a very soothing sound, probably because of childhood memories of lying in bed at night, hearing my mom’s needles clicking away in the living room. This afternoon, an article on the net from the Washington Post caught my eye. Entitled Weaving a Tapestry of Sound, it tells about a Baltimore artist, Laure (pronounced Laura) Drogoul, who also has positive associations with the sounds of knitting.

A few years ago, she became curious about what it would sound like to amplify those sounds, and devised a method to do so. Laure was so pleased with the result that she presented an activity at a music fest, inviting up to 10 knitters at a time to provide what she titled “Orchestral Knitting.”

Fascinating. Here’s the article:

Weaving a Tapestry of Sound –

Who woulda thought?


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