Vintage Knits: 1830’s Night Cap

One of my absolutely favorite historic textile books is The Workwoman’s Guide, published by Old Sturbridge Village as a reproduction of the 1838 original. I’ve made  shawls, a twisted fringe, and muffatees from patterns in this resource, but they do require lots of “translation”, from the archaic terminology to the modern that we can understand.

 Franklin Habit, author of It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons, has made all the necessary adjustments for a gentleman’s night cap, and did a test drive. Don’t you love a man who knits? The full story, with pattern, is over at Knitty. It’s a beauty. If you have the patience to cast 208 stitches on to size 2.5mm, US size 0, needles, this is the pattern for you. The lace edging is lovely, and when you’ve  completed the borders, it’s fairly easy with lots of decreases. After Christmas, I may just try it myself.

Thank you kindly, Franklin, for doing us this great service!


3 thoughts on “Vintage Knits: 1830’s Night Cap

  1. My dad asked me to knit him a night cap because he gets cold at night. This pattern inspired the cap I made for him which included the same shape and tassel but without the tiny needles and thin yarn!

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