Knitting News: Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!

Your invitation to Westminster hasn’t arrived yet? Not to worry. Even if you’re not a guest, you can join Will and Kate in  spirit, by staging your own private wedding in your own home. This newly released book by Fiona Goble contains patterns for bride, groom, family, guards, even a romantic balcony scene, complete with the royal Corgis.

2 thoughts on “Knitting News: Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!

  1. Andrew Perris Ivy Press.The most delightful commemorative item of the upcoming wedding is also the most bizarre a how-to book titled Knit Your Own Royal Wedding. Follow its detailed instructions and on April 29 you can have your own balcony scene complete with a 20-cm-high Prince William kissing his new bride Kate Middleton while the royal family wave in front of a stiff backdrop of Buckingham Palace. Last fall Knitivity Create Your Own Christmas Scene was snapped up by enthusiasts fascinated by the fuzzy holy scene showcasing Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes in his manger surrounded by his parents three wise men shepherds an angel and a plethora of animals including an ass ox and sheep.


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