On-Line Vintage Dress Up Dolls

I subscribe to the Jane Austen Centre Newsletter , direct from Bath, England. There’s a new issue every month, and while it always contains something of interest for Austen-ites, in January, they posted a really cool game. It’s a collection of virtual paper dolls, one for the 18th century, one for the Regency era, and one for the Victorian era. There’s a man and a woman in each set, and it’s set up for you to choose backgrounds, undergarments, accessories, evening and day wear, and outerwear. The possibilities are endless, as you can change the colors of most of the objects. This nifty little play-set was designed by Sarah Victoria at savivi.deviantart.com . Head on over and try it out, it’s so much fun for anyone interested in historic clothing. Savivi has other galleries on the same site, and offers lots of great things for sale, but she has made this amazing game ¬†available gratis. Enjoy!


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