Knitting Tips: Inside Out on Circulars

One of the most frequent questions popping up all over the place is, “I’m learning to use circular needles, and after a few rows, my knitting is inside out. Help!”

Not to worry. This is a common occurrence ( I’ve been knitting for years and years and still find it happening.) But take heart – it’s not really a problem. It happens on the first few rows, before the fabric has grown long enough to prevent it. The needles flip around and the inside turns to the outside, like a T-shirt pulled over your head.  All you have to do is treat your knitting like that T-shirt and push it through the circle formed by the needles, so it’s outside out again.

If only all mistakes were so easily corrected. Actually, some knitters prefer to knit inside out!


4 thoughts on “Knitting Tips: Inside Out on Circulars

  1. Amanda says:

    A question for you, dear. I’m a little confused as to how you decrease on circulars without stretching everything all out of whack. What do *you* do?

  2. katknit says:

    Unless you’re using the magic loop method, when your knitting has been decreased to the stretching point, you have to switch to double points. That’s the beauty of the magic loop technique. There are free instructional videos on the web if you want to learn how.

  3. Christine says:

    I was teaching a roommate how to knit once, and she managed to do her knitting inside-out on double-points by managing to knit with the needles further away from her rather than the closer ones. It took me a bit to figure out what she had done. The “t-shirt” method, as you describe it, was necessary to get her knitting in a more conventional fashion without frogging her (first ever) piece.

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