Roving, Rolags, and Batts

On  some of the fiber arts forums I haunt, some of the members have asked what “roving” is. Well, as Wikipedia explains, a roving is a long and narrow bundle of fiber with a twist to hold the fiber together.  It is created by carding or combing the fiber, and  then drawing it into long strips where the fibers are parallel. Wool fleece in roving form is much easier to spin than wool in rolag or batt form, especially when using a walking wheel. If I am doing a historic spinning demo, I card my fleeces myself using reproduction hand cards. But when I spin at home or at a fiber fair, I use roving. Carding isn’t fun, so I buy rovings in order to get to the fun part faster. I also use rovings at times for dyeing.




Batts are also used for dyeing, quilting, stuffing, and felting.


4 thoughts on “Roving, Rolags, and Batts

  1. Great explaination!!! New spinners will love this blog entry :). Acutally I just emailed a friend I was trying to explain ghe difference between, batts, roving and rolags too to view this entry. Thanks 🙂

  2. TJ says:

    Thanks so much for the simple distinction between the 3 preparations. As someone who hasn’t yet taken the spinning plunge, this is monumentally helpful.

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