Hug Me Tight Vintage Knit Shrug

Because the picture could not be separated from the instructions, this view is difficult to read. Click on the link below for a clearer look at the print.


10 thoughts on “Hug Me Tight Vintage Knit Shrug

  1. jr says:

    only a little of the left side of picture is showing and the pattern that is under that is also covered up. so dissappointing cause I really would have liked this pattern.
    Can you move the pattern more over to the left of the screen? is that do-able?
    I really appreciate the work you put into your site.

  2. That is almost, not quite a dead-ringer for a bolero my mother made in the 40s (in angora with glitzy thread!). Sleeves are a bit longer but that is it! Hooray, now I have a pattern to make one that is a little less fluffy 🙂

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