Knitting Tips: How Much Yarn Do I Need?

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve found myself in the middle of a yarn store, wanting to buy the perfect yarn for a sweater I’ve got in mind for my next project. But, I can’t remember how much yardage the pattern calls for, and I left that at home.  Well, those days are over (I hope!), because this past week, published a handy dandy chart with yardage estimates listed by yarn weight and garment size. The chart is from The Knitter’s Companion, by Vicki Square, and because of copyright considerations, I don’t want to copy it to display on my blog. Just click on the link above and it’ll take you directly to the chart, which is in the middle of the page.  I printed it out and have tucked it into my purse for easy reference.


2 thoughts on “Knitting Tips: How Much Yarn Do I Need?

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