Diamond Textured Mitts

This pretty pattern has just been put on offer over at KnitPicks. I’ll probably make them w/o the thumbs, because I like to wear mitts while knitting, and the thumbs often get hung up in my work. I like this shade of gold, too.

Worsted weight yarn,  on #6 – 9 (US) needles (4.0mm-5.5mm).



3 thoughts on “Diamond Textured Mitts

  1. Linda, I was doing a search for pictures of the Three Fates from mythology to use in a blog post I am writing, and came upon a beautiful tapestry image of our girls standing on another woman. I went to the link for your blog & found these great mitts and sent a link immediately to a friend of mine who has been struggling with a pattern for them that has a scalloped cuff but lousy directions.

    Being a sister blogger who uses WordPress, I poked around & lo, I find we are neighbors (I live in RI), love old cemeteries, love reading the same kinds of books & love fiber arts. Life is good. Cyberspace can be good, too.

    So, I will be spreading your links around, rest assured, but in the meantime, who is the woman in the tapestry upon whom the Fates are treading? BTW, I come from Boston originally, where my favorite museum in the world is located — namely, the Isabella Stuart Gardner — which has some wonderful tapestries of that ilk. My dream-job-that-I-never-pursued belongs to a friend of a friend, who is the person who maintains & restores all the museum tapestries. Sigh…

    Blog on, Cyber-Sister!


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