Reindeer/Moose Knitted Cloth

Add a red nose and you’ve got Rudolph. Knit 8 of these and you’ve got Santa’s entire fleet! I’m in the process of doing this in colorwork, a cocoa colored deer, with a red nose, on an off white background. Also converting from a square to a rectangle, for use as a guest towel. Will post a photo when completed. Fun! If I have time, will knit up several for hostess gifts.


7 thoughts on “Reindeer/Moose Knitted Cloth

  1. Marie says:

    Just want to say thank you for keeping up this wonderful blog! I’m afraid I don’t visit all that often, but it’s a comfort to know that you’re here. Thanks!

  2. Arla Schmaltz says:

    My husband I both agree your ‘moose’ looks more like an elk. And a fine elk it is!!!
    Google MOOSE and you will see that the antlers of the moose are much broader and also there is quite a big ‘plate’ with the tynes of the antlers branching out from these plates. The anatomical description for this ‘plate’ is palmate. Like the palm of one’s hand.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Arla Schmaltz says:

    I guess it depends on which continent you live. On the North American continent we have moose which are known on the European continent as elk. My apologies…

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