Why Do YOU Knit??

This afternoon I read a little blog article about the reasons why the blogger knits. That got me to wondering why anyone knits, when it’s easier, faster, cheaper, etc. just to buy knitted stuff. Well, I know why I knit. It’s fun. Relaxing. Creative. Satisfying. Meditative. Productive. Beautiful. Peaceful. Colorful. Cozy.

So why do you knit? If you’re so inclined, and I hope you are, please post a short comment telling us what it is about knitting that got you hooked and keeps you in yarn.

Thanks! Happy Knitting!

20 thoughts on “Why Do YOU Knit??

  1. minerva says:

    I cannot just sit there and not do something. I have tried lots of other crafts, but nothing is quite as satisfying as knitting. The feel of the yarn, the needles clacking, and another soft beautiful piece of fabric grows right there in front of me. It is magic in that it calms and soothes me more than any other activity there is.


  2. My mom taught me to knit when my first son was born, and I knit for all of the reasons above in your blog, plus now that my mom has passed away it’s something that helps me feel close to her. 🙂


  3. Donna says:

    It’s a way to be creative and when I started knitting more than 40 years ago it seemed to be a dying craft. It’s portable and people are impressed. As with almost any craft, people who don’t do it think it’s much more difficult than it is. It’s relaxing and gives me a sense of accomplishment. AND a big plus, when I’m knitting I’m not able to snack, so it helps with my diet.


  4. I knit for all the reasons you stated! Funny that this came up! I was sitting in my chair finishing a sock when my husband asked my why I loved to knit so much. I told him that it relaxed me, cleared my mind, and gave me satisfation to see something come to life from some string! I have only been knitting for about 3 or so years and have become addicted! Never in a million years imagined I would make socks, sweaters, etc.! Too much fun!
    Just wish people would understand more the cost and time put into projects when they ask for a commisioned piece!


  5. Kathy Sue says:

    I like the creativity, and the fact that I can learn something new with every project if I choose to. I also love having something to do with my hands so that I am not so tempted to snack. I also like all the beautiful yarns out there to choose from. AND when I finish, I hve a unique and beautiful gift for someone! Maybe even myself.


  6. Jan says:

    I love to knit as it is so relaxing and satisfying , you can make something different and if you have grandchildren like me it is such a pleasure to see them wearing what you have loveinly made specially for them. i knit for charity and that is so rewarding. It also takes me back to when my gran first taught me to knit socks on four needles.


  7. Because I can. I know that sounds trite, but…. My mother convinced me at age 8 or so that knitting was too hard for anyone to do. (Obviously she couldn’t so…..). I believed her for some 44+ years. Then I tried. Failed. Tried again. It stuck. Eventually I learned to knit socks because a favorite character in a book knit socks. Now I knit. Cuz I can.


  8. bonnieknits says:

    I knit to satisfy my creative side and be productive as well. Yes you can find knitted things to buy cheaper but not to the quality of workmanship and materials I use. Socks are a wonderful example. Try replicating those with store bought!

    Much satisfaction is achieved by making a finely knit lace shawl that is to warm a loved one or wrap a baby in and will be appreciated for many years to come.

    And, not least of these…it is a connection to those who have gone before me.


  9. I love to keep my hands busy when I’m watching TV or chatting with friends. I find it is a great stress reliver and a wonderful creative outlet.

    I am a social worker in mental health, and I often teach clients to knit or crochet. It works wonders for anxiety!


  10. Geri says:

    I knit because it relaxes me, even when I have a pattern that takes me a while to master… missed a stitch, dropped a stitch..aarrgghhhh!!!!!LOLOL…And it lets me be creative..so it doesn’t look like the pattern, it’s an original!!!!

    I knit because it’s portable …ever try hooking a rug while taking public transportation? And the Doc’s offices never seem to change their magazines…of course I’m sure there are a lot of patients who just LOVE to read through American Sportsman…or GOLF Digest….LOLOL

    And, last but not least, it’s a great way to meet other knitters and share ideas, not to mention it seems to bring out the crocheters out , too. I love it!!!!
    Oh, I forgot….it keeps me out of “trouble”, except when I surf the e-shops…..”but Honey, I needed that color!”….LOLOL…OK, so my coffin will be lined in yarn!


  11. Why I Knit: Knitting is one way to have the power of creation from a seemingly mundane item – yarn – and using only a seemingly simple tool – pointy sticks. Knitting is incredibly empowering, whether one is making a practical item or a non-utilitarian yet beautiful piece of artistic knitting.


  12. I don’t knit, but I crochet, which I think is just as pertinent. Like someone mentioned before me, I can’t just sit and do nothing. I need keep my hands busy with craft even while watching a movie or riding in the car. Also, yeah, for now it might be cheaper and easier to buy things already made, but these are skills that will someday be much needed. Another also, what I make is truly one of kind, no matter how closely I follow whatever pattern. I like unique; it makes me happy.


  13. I used to knit to make gifts for other people and then I moved on to other crafts (also to gift others) and after 15 years had passed I decided to knit a few scarves for folks for Christmas. I’m allergic to wool so I didn’t think that I’d go too far with this craft but then I found the book “no sheep for you” and I realized that there were lots of us non-wool knitters (some even professional) and I have been knitting non-stop ever since. ravelry.com and knitting blogs are ongoing inspiration. I’m amazed at how easy it is to knit even complex patterns if you take it just one stitch at a time.


  14. Clemy says:

    I am very happy to have found this site and blog. I’ve read through the comments of all who responded to the “Why do you knit?” question, and found I could relate to each and all. Wonderful women doing wonderful work!
    I was taught to knit by my governess and by the Gallego (Spain) nannies of my brothers. My mother adored sewing and she was a wonderful seamstress but somehow, she never became interested in knitting. I think she was a sort of Speedy Gonzalez type, and knitting took too long. Me? Well I am a sort of lazy lizard type – I love the serenity of my needles and thread. I want to buy sizes 3 through 13, and was thinking of buying the German brand Addi. Have any of you used this brand? Any help will be enormously appreciated.


  15. Definitely socks… I usually knit a women’s medium and when finished put them away in the gift drawer. I have yet to have someone turn up their nose!


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