Fiber Folklore: The Three Fates

“Predestination was doomed from the start….” (source unknown)

In ancient Greek mythology, the Moirai were three goddesses, daughters of Zeus, who determined the fate of every human being, the personification of destiny. Often they were depicted as aged women, lame to suggest the slow march of fate. Klotho was the spinner, the one who spun the thread of a new life. Atropos would then take the thread and weave it into the”fabric” of one’s life. Finally, Lachesis would take up the scissors that she would use to snip the thread to end one’s life. They gave each person their share of good and evil, and punished the transgressions of all. As goddesses, the Moirai knew the future and were therefore regarded as prophetesses.

Interesting that destiny is personified in textile terms!



3 thoughts on “Fiber Folklore: The Three Fates

  1. mamakass says:

    I think you definitely have a point there, but I think it’s pretty common for myths to depict women spinning in any capacity. There’s a Norse goddess who spins the clouds. I think that’s pretty interesting because the clouds look more like roving to me.
    Maybe she spun them into rain?
    Anyway, interesting post!

  2. Hello, I’ve followed you from Rav!
    I do love how textiles can speak to us from as far back as ancient Greece— wonderful post. I love the artwork too.

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