Three Vintage Patterns, 2 Knit, 1 Crochet

Years ago, my wonderful mother in law gave me her entire stash, years worth, of old knitting and crochet pattern leaflets and booklets. She was an awesome knitter/crocheter. She’s in a nursing home now with severe Alzheimer’s, and I truly miss her. Many of the booklets are no longer protected by copyright and have been long out of print. I’ve finally gotten around to photographing them and as of today, will be offering them at my Art Fire shop, also called Dances with Wools. I hope you’ll hop on over and check things out. These would make nice little gifts for the knitters and crocheters in your life. Now that this little project has gotten off the ground, I’ll be posting more patterns shortly.

The first three patterns are unbelievably stylish, considering that they were printed almost 50 years ago.

Buttercup Crocheted Shawl

Even the name reminds me of spring.

Simple Knitted Shrug.

I’ve made three of these thus far. The yarn originally recommended has long been out of production, but I subbed with DK weight baby yarns and have been very satisfied with the results.

Collared Crocheted Shawl

Get a head start on this one for Christmas gifts. Quick to make up with bulky weight yarn.

Click on the link above to order. Available instantly by digital download, or photocopy via  snail mail.

2 thoughts on “Three Vintage Patterns, 2 Knit, 1 Crochet

  1. LauraCruz says:

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! (I’m from the ravelry comment train)

    I LOVE LOVE your blog name! Hehehe….Really great your collection of vintage patterns. Let me know if you’re interested in exchanging links. I totally need to point to other crochet blogs in mine. 🙂


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