Knitting News: Coraline’s Star Sweater pattern

The buzz about the knitting in the new Coraline movie has energized knitters everywhere. Now, you can knit one in real people sizes, from kids through adults:

Coraline sweater


8 thoughts on “Knitting News: Coraline’s Star Sweater pattern

  1. Dennine says:

    Nice! Thanks!
    The movie was great btw and all the knitting buzz around it has been great to follow.
    Knitters will also appreciate the gift that is dear to Coraline’s heart in the film.
    It’s a very fiber-y film!

  2. Cool, i just came across this a few weeks ago after i watched the movie and did a search for coraline. i’m learning how to knit, but it’s going very, very slowly. 🙂
    i shared your post with readers on my blog. thanks.

  3. Judy Vana says:

    Please send me the pattern for the Coraline sweater! I can’t seem to get it, so I’m hoping an email with the pattern from you will work….and…many, many thanks! judy

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