Knitting News: Knitting Your Voice

Ran across an article this morning in the online mag Make (link ), about a new knitting machine that has been configured by two German women to record a voice and   knit its waveforms. Electronic knitting machines are now available for home use, but it would take some doing to program it to do what you say! Interesting, but I think I’ll stick to my needles for now.


4 thoughts on “Knitting News: Knitting Your Voice

  1. part of me wants a knitting machine – I totally don’t have the attention span for a sweater. I made one hoodie for my daughter – took over a year and almost killed me,

  2. Since I knit more for relaxation and it’s calming effects, I wouldn’t be interested in a knitting machine. It would be kind of akward to curl up on the couch with one. LOL!

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