Felting – ooops!!


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Felting (fulling) is an inexact art, unless you use the same yarn every time and really get to know how it will respond with respect to shrinkage. Here’s a way to restore size when a bit too much felting (oops) has occurred. It may also help if your piece has become creased.

Dissolve about 3 ounces of Epsom Salts in boiling water and let cool. Submerge item and soak for about a half hour. Squeeze excess water and stretch into correct shape on a flat surface.
When almost dry, press under a dry cloth with an iron on low to medium heat. Steam may help.


5 thoughts on “Felting – ooops!!

  1. Mariela says:

    Hello, I would like to know what those Epsom Salts are, since I live in Uruguay and don’t have that brand of ¿? here, but the product itself must be.
    I am learning a lot from you, too bad that I spent sooo much time in front of PC that I suffer from overdosis of What to do that, and I could do that, and to star rightaway. Thank you dearly,

  2. Su says:

    I read somewhere that you can also undo too much felting shrinkage by soaking the item in fabric softener, and gently stretching it. Has anyone ever tried this?? OH, how I wish I knew about this when I accidentally washed a handmade Norwegian sweater in the washer in hot water!! It came out big enough for a doll!

  3. Betsy says:

    Thank you so much for this tip! In about how much boiling water should I dissolve the Epsom Salts? I am about to try this on a sweater that accidentally got a little felted. If the Epsom Salts don’t work, I’ll try the fabric softener. Thanks again.

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