Baby Corina’s Santa Hat

Whipped up this 2 needle chapeau up in one afternoon last November, and had so much fun doing it! Corina, our first grandchild, was 7 months old and needed a Santa hat for the holiday parade we attended in Essex, CT. Used 2 skeins from my stash, both worsted weight. The red is Lion Brand chenille, and the white, Moda Dea Tutu. Here’s the basic pattern; simply add or subtract stitches if you need to adjust for size.

size 8 (US) straight needles

1 skein red worsted yarn, 1 skein white fluffy yarn.

Cast on 72 stitches.

With white, knit 4 rows or to length desired for white band. (garter stitch)

Break off white. Add red and work in garter stitch for 5 inches from beginning, or to length desired.

Decrease rows:

1. [K6, K2 together ] across.

2. and all even rows: K across

3. [K5, K2 together] across.

5. [K4, K2tog] across.

7. [K3, K2tog] across.

9. [K2, K2tog] across.

11. [K1, K2tog] across.

13. [K2tog] across.

Break off, leaving a 10 inch tail. Thread tail through remaining stitches and draw together.

Fold hat in half and seam up back.

Make a pompon using fuzzy white yarn and sew to top.

Ho Ho Ho!


One thought on “Baby Corina’s Santa Hat

  1. Jill Green says:

    I made this for our sweet little grandson Ethan, who is also 7 months old. It was very fast and easy and it looks precious on him. Thanks so much for sharing your patterns with all of us.

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