Don’t Knock the Knitters! (follow up to the knitter on the plane)

The author of the by now infamous travel article complaining about a knitter on a jet flight has felt compelled to respond to the howls she’s been targeted with by the knitting world. Her rejoinder is very witty in a punnish sort of way.

NOTE:  The response from the knitting community to a Travel column about the absurdity of allowing some carry-on items while banning others knocked us for a loop. Some of the responses actually left us in stitches. Yet we thought Jill had spun a good yarn. Here, she hopes to “selvedge” her reputation.


Well, I must admit I was even more surprised by the reaction to my column about the seatmate wielding knitting needles than I had been by the fact that knitting needles were allowed into the airplane cabins in the first place.


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