Knitting News: Knitting Passenger Makes Flight “Unbearable”

Hmmm. Wonder how she heard all those little clicks over the sound of the jet engines…..

Excerpts from the New Jersey online edition of The Record:

“I wriggled away from our common armrest to make room as she bent over and rummaged in her cavernous carry-on. But what she eventually retrieved demanded closer inspection. Were they …? Yes, the woman was … knitting.


“Do you knit?” she was asking our row-mate by the window, a twentysomething listening to her iPod. I am not a betting person, but I’d have staked my dog’s life on the answer.

The needles hissed and clicked at an alarming rate. Their relentless rhythm was, I’m sure, barely audible, but it had become some Poe-like pounding my ears could not tune out. Suddenly, this woman, despite her earth mother attire, despite even the glow cast upon her from the overhead light, had not a trace of angelic.

I was thinking about how I had to pack my bottle of wine in my checked suitcase, along with my toothpaste and allergy nasal spray. Any or all of which could be smashed and destroying my clothing at this very moment — while a foul-smelling woman with a poke-the-pilots’-eyes-out weapon sat right beside me.”

This travel writer must have used extendable ears.


9 thoughts on “Knitting News: Knitting Passenger Makes Flight “Unbearable”

  1. Oh my goodness. How in the world could this person hear the “clicking of the needles”. My hearing must be awful, but on a plane, all I hear are the engines.


  2. Mason says:

    Wow, this writer must have an “unbearable” time wherever he/she goes if someone simply knitting bothered them that much.

    I wonder what kind of needles this person was using that they “hissed’? None of my needles have ever hissed at me, was this woman knitting with snakes or something?


  3. Eden says:

    HA! This person makes a living writing about the mundane, and honestly they’re pretty good. I can see how in a cramped space this could be bad, and if they were using long needles, but if she had been using short, airplane apporved wood or plastic, I can’t see this being a problem!

    Still, rather funny writing!


  4. Kaki says:

    I love to knit on planes! I use the bamboo circulars so I don’t have to hunt around for that one that got away……………and they are silent, easy to hold in one hand if I have to reach for a drink. Little things are great for travel knitting — dish cloths, premie hats, socks. My knitting attracts questions, but never complaints! Happy Travel Knitting!


  5. My last trip I knitt on the plane. People all around me asked how a I smuggled my knitting needles on the plane. I responded “believe it or not, they are allowed. Then we joked about all the things that you can’t bring on a plane.


  6. I was making mittens on wood DPNs. Next door passenger asked if I got hassled about them. I said, “Not any more than you got hassled about your pencil.”

    I couldn’t find “the rest of the story…” 😦


  7. It can not possibly be that annoying to listen to someone knit.

    What’s worse than listening is watching someone knit from in front of them. Everything looks like it’s being done wrong.


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