Roll Neck Capelet

A design of my own, planned as a result of this week’s chilly weather. I’m not quite ready for winter sweaters, but needed something light but warm to wear over lighter tops. I used Caron Simply Soft Shadows Color 0008 Opal Twist, 2 skeins.

This garment is made from the bottom up.Size 10 circular needles. Cast on 180 stitches.

Work 8 rows in garter stitch.

Maintain 4 stitches of garter on each edge from start to finish.

Work in stockinette for 9″ .

1st decr round: k2, k2 tog across – 140 stitches.

knit to 13″.

2nd decr round: k1, k2tog across – 80 stitches.

K to 17″ or desired length. Bind off loosely. Block.


6 thoughts on “Roll Neck Capelet

  1. hmm…very interesting.
    from the Lady in Maine where it is -34 at 5:30pm lol
    😉 I just may give this a try. I love the color you used. Thanks!

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