Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine, Issue 1

3.0 out of 5 stars It’s here

The long awaited debut issue of the Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine has finally appeared on the shelves, though it’s been disappearing faster than it can be restocked. I bought a copy last week, and, as an experienced knitter, I have to say that, IMO, the jury’s still out. The selection of patterns, designed by Bliss using her own line of yarns, is varied and not all to my taste, but that’s true of any knitting magazine. Pattern #19, the Collared Sleeveless Top, is the one I chose to try first. Unfortunately, there seems to be a serious error in the instructions, because I’ve casted on three times, using progressively smaller needles, and the results each time have been ridiculously too large. Checking on the internet for errata and corrections so far has yielded no results. Not a pleasant experience, one that does not occur very often.

It’s still unclear as to what the publisher plans to do – so far, this is a one time only issue, with no subscription offers. But Debbie Bliss yarns are expensive, and I’m not inclined to buy more to try out any more of these patterns until I know they’re accurate.


17 thoughts on “Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine, Issue 1

  1. Sandy says:

    I’m an intermediate knitter and bought this issue out of curiosity and am trying out the cabled beret. I got to row 35 and could tell there was a big error. Sure enough, when I searched for corrections, that row was corrected. HOWEVER, I believe the correction still has a slight error. Let me save anyone who is searching for the correct revision some major frustration:

    Row 35: P2 (k4, C8F, p2) to the end

    If like you said there are even more errors in other patterns and as I found out the corrections aren’t even done right, I will pass on the next issue as well!

  2. i’m half-way through the drop-collared cabled jacket from this issue, and it has errors too. it was easy enough to figure it out, but i worry that a newer knitter might blindly follow them and end up having to rip out a lot of work.

  3. Dawn says:

    I made the cabled beret. I used a yarn that had the same gauge and knitted t
    to gauge with the same needles. I was very upset that my beret was a lot smaller
    than the one in the picture. After looking closer at the picture, it looks like a
    heavier yarn and larger needles were used. My head size is smaller than given for the hat and it fits like a beanie, not loose down the neck. I found the error on round 35 and realized than I was to knit to the end. I did not find any other errors.
    I also an concerned about using any other patterns as to the correct sizing.

  4. Susie says:

    I am a better than average knitter, but I cannot figer out for the life of me a repeat instruction on the Cable Vent Jacket. There is no revision on the site for this. Can someone help me with it. For some reason i just cannot wrap my brain around it. Page 88, the increase row……Cont in patt, inc in this way at each end of 6 foll 6th rows.
    Also, it called for a size US 6 and I ended up with a 4.

  5. katknit says:

    There is a correction for that pattern at the Debbie Bliss website:
    Page 88
    After Dec row 4…………
    Cont in patt with 5 sts in rev St st between panels, work 7 rows.

    Is this the section you’re having trouble with?

  6. Susie says:

    katknit, I found that mistake on my own. This is below that in the instructions with the first increase. After talking out loud to myself and saying it over and over I think it means every 6th row, 6 times. What a pain.

  7. Oh, I’m so glad I found your comments on the beret. I’m a fairly new knitter and this pattern is a bit of a challenge for me. I thought I’d made a mistake on row 35 so ripped it out and knittted that row again only to see that it still looked wrong. Guess I’ll be ripping out again, but at least I know how to correct it now!
    Many thanks to those who left the comments on how to do so!

  8. Ande says:

    I decided to make the Initial Cushions for my two sons for Christmas. I am an experienced knitter and was very disappointed with the pattern. I checked my gauge several times before beginning because it didn’t seem like the pattern could possibly work out to 18″ long. And of course, it didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t purchase the pillow form first. The cushion cover is 3″ too short. And I checked everywhere for some errata instructions but could find none. Now, it is just a very straightforward pattern and I will fix it quite easily, but if this was someone’s first try at knitting something other than a scarf, they would be lost. Not impressed! Especially from someone as highly respected as Debbie Bliss. It seems like none of the patterns were checked.

  9. Bharat Shah says:

    yes it is a ulcer, after making a garment, and coming out to be 3 sizes biger, even after working the guage, this is with yhe silver belle or the Romy jacket, lot of time money and energy put and results POOR, very disapointing for Debie Bliss patterns. Sorry Debie

  10. stacy a says:

    This is my 2nd go around for the Romy sweater. I am now using DB yarn, a sz 6 needle and knitting the med. size. I am still unsure if it is going to be too large. According to the book, I would be just a bit smaller than the LG size. But I have had to downsize a lot. I had my local store check with the company and they said there weren’t any problems with the pattern.I don’t feel this is correct! And yes, this is a $140 sweater just for materials.

  11. Sarah K. says:

    I’m a advanced intermediate knitter. I’ve come across pattern instructions that have challenged me and been able to pull them off. (Usually, I knit and rip for hours and scribble my own revisions if the revisions online are still inaccurate). Much to my surprise, there seem to be quite a few errors in this magazine so far. I am taking on the A-line cabled sweater. After a full day’s worth of frogging and recounting, I am really frustrated with an error that I can’t figure out. I am trying to work on the decrease row 1 and the pattern instructions list patt 17, patt 21, and patt 29. The number of stitches I’m ending up with is just not adding up. I’ve been 35 sts short in every reconfiguration of the pattern row. I’ve emailed the magazine for help but am anxious to continue on this garment. If anyone has attempted this pattern and had success on the decrease, I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

  12. Did you ever finish the pattern 19 collared top? I’d like to make it or something similar and I was wondering if you were eventually able to finish it. I couldn’t find any revisions online. I’m looking for a beginner sweater and I thought this one would be a good candidate. Thank you for your input.

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