Knitting News: The 21st Century Yarn Store

In a matter of weeks, Lion Brand Yarns is set to open its first company owned yarn store. The Lion Brand Yarn Studio, located in NYC at 34 W. 15th Street, is holding its grand opening  on November 18th, 2008.  And it promises  to be much more than just another knitting store, with many features new to the trade.

A yarn sample wall:

Try before buying – customers can unspool a few yards of any of Lion Brand’s yarns to knit her/his own swatch. In addition, the store will provide ready made swatches of each and every yarn in both knit and crochet. Every color will be on display.

Computer pattern assistance:

Customers can access the company’s extensive pattern collection on line. Yarn orders can be placed viacomputer, and will be shipped free of charge.


Workshops, classes, fashion shows, knitting clubs, movie nights,  book signings, and other special events will be offered

My husband and I are planning to spend a weekend in NYC in the near future. Two of the places I’d like to visit are the English Embroidery Exhibit opening at the Bard Grad Center  [  embroidery exhibit ] and now, the new Yarn Studio. Guess I’d better warn Tony to bring a good book! He’s a good guy.


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