Knitting with Pet Hair?

As a spinner, I’m often asked at demo’s if I would be willing to spin up someone’s dog’s hair for them. I always smile and refuse, mainly because it would be so much work. But there are many who don’t agree.

Teri Webster – Pet Examiner

Brush a beagle and make a beret.
Create a Samoyed scarf.
Wear a cashmere Collie sweater to the country club.
No one really makes hats, scarfs and sweaters out of dog fur, do they?

The answer is:  Do dogs shed?
This is one way to wear fur and keep the animal activists happy.

“At least you know your dog,” said Betty Burian Kirk of Lemont, Ill., who has been making doggie scarves for people for two decades. “How do you know where some goat has been?”

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4 thoughts on “Knitting with Pet Hair?

  1. annette pelc says:

    Hello, my name is Annette I have fur from my great phyreness. 1 815 744 5218 . I am in need of someone to spin his fur help.


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