Flower Power Knitted Hand Towels

I hardly ever – well, to be honest, never – knit stuff for the home unless it’s an afghan, but when I hit upon this pattern this afternoon while browsing around Ravelry, I decided to change my policy. (Never say never!) First, I’m going to knit up a few for use during the holidays for our guests, then a few more for regular use.

Correction: when I first found this pattern, it was true that I never knit home stuff. Not true any more. I love making washcloths!




5 thoughts on “Flower Power Knitted Hand Towels

  1. adrienne poe says:

    I tried to access your website for the knitted flower towels and was unable to get on. I would love to knit these, could you e-mail me the pattern or send another website.


    Adrienne Poe

  2. katknit says:

    I located the link, which had been modified, and reposted. Hope this works for you. If not, contact me again and I’ll send it to you via email.

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