A Few Thoughts about Knitted Hitler



For the past few days, there have been comments flying around the knitting net about Knitler and other dolls representing various dictators and tyrants of the world. Most people express a sense of outrage that anyone would do such a thing. Some people, far fewer,  see humor in it.

This controversy reminds me of a previous one that arose when Mel Brooks’ The Producers was initially released, as a film. I clearly recall an opinion that someone, perhaps Mel Brooks himself, or maybe it was Gene Wilder (both Jewish, by the way), offered, saying that the best way to diminish the reputation of a person is to trivialize or ridicule him/her. By showing the world that the person in question is a mindless, mad, demented sort of individual, his power, once awesome, is negated.Cut down to actual size, so to speak.

I don’t know why the designer of these knitted dolls dreamed them up and executed (no pun intended, but perhaps it’s apt) their images in yarn and stuffing. Perhaps she simply wanted notoriety and word of mouth advertising for her business. That’s what has resulted. I for one do not find these figures offensive. Other monsters are produced as toys for kids to play with. GI Joe and Barbie offend some folks and not others.

Anyway, to each his own, and the comments that my blog post has received are all posted, with the exception of those that are sownright insulting. Personal attacks, except upon Hitler, are never published here.

Do I like the political tyrant dolls? No. Do I think they’re funny? No. Would I knit one? Only if I had a specific political use for one. But if someone else likes them, is amused, or wants to make one, that’s up to her/him. LIttle knitted dolls cannot improve the legacy of these monsters.

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5 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts about Knitted Hitler

  1. Linda,

    I personally think it is hilarious as does my partner in blog, and several of the people I knit with. I think like Mel and Gene, Make fun of them! They deserve it! We all had a good laugh, and went looking for the other dolls too.

    But that is just us we are those of the few who found it humorous.



  2. I think it’s a nicely done doll. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the doll. After all, it is only a doll and should be seen as such. There are much larger issues in the world for people to focus on other than a knitted doll.


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