Knitting, Crocheting, Science, and Math

This morning Yahoo posted a very interesting article about ways in which scientists and mathematicians have recently begun using knitting and crochet to figure out and illustrate problems in math and science.

Coral reefs can be crocheted.

The atmosphere can be knit. And a stop sign can be folded into a pair of pants.

Welcome to the intersection of math and handicraft. Unexpectedly, handicraft in general, and yarn work in particular, has started to help provide answers to a wide range of mathematical problems. From the way the atmosphere generates weather to the shape of the human brain, knit and crocheted models have provided new insight into the geometry of the natural world.

link to rest of article:


One thought on “Knitting, Crocheting, Science, and Math

  1. It’s great for dyslexics who have trouble with spatial relations as well. Because of knitting and crocheting, I’ve now learned how to visualize and rotate 3-D objects in my head.

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