Knitting Tips: What Are “Sock Blanks”?

Well, I never! Ya learn something new every day. Today over at Ravelry (I’m katknit there, too) I read a post about sock blanks. Followed the link, but still couldn’t figure out exactly what they are. Apparently they’re about to become very hot in the wide world of knitting. Sock blanks are white knitted cloth that you buy, dye, then use to knit socks. It’s an ingenious way to design your own color and stripe pattern. What’ll they think of next?

4 thoughts on “Knitting Tips: What Are “Sock Blanks”?

  1. And then there are the “flat feet socks”, what you get is a flat piece of knittted fabric that you frog as you knit. There is a divider thread so you know how much yarn to use for one sock! I haven’t tried them yet but several in our local knitting group have and love them. There may be more than one company making them, but this is the one I found first on the internet.

    Such fun we knitters have!

    Tink1944 at Ravelry

  2. This is interesting. I’m not sure I understand how it works – but it sounds like a fun concept. I love the idea of painting my socks and creating stripes of color!

  3. Laura says:

    I was also intrigued by the sock blank idea. But I was also disconcerted at the idea of someone having to buy dyes just to try this. Perhaps KnitPicks should offer a “pick your colors/pattern and we’ll paint” option? Perhaps with an understanding between KnitPicks and FlatFeet. My other concern has to do with knitting two socks at once — do I have that many needles, and how portable would that keep the socks?

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