Knitting Patterns and Copyrights: Dr. Who?

The issue of copyright infringement is a hot topic in today’s knitting world. Current laws make it illegal to sell items made from someone else’s pattern. Recently, a spate of patterns for making little Dr Who character dolls has appeared in various places on the internet. Well, BBC has taken umbrage, and has now taken action to protect its copyright.

Story from the Post Chronicle, May 14, 2008:

Fan Knits Tribute To ‘Dr. Who,’ BBC Irked

A British fan of the long-running BBC show Doctor Who was threatened with legal action for creating knitted versions of the show’s monsters.

The 26-year-old woman — who wants to be known only by her work name, Mazzmatazz — told The Times of London she is just an ordinary person who likes knitting. She created knitting patterns for Ood, a squid-faced creature, and Adipose, a monster made out of human fat , and posted them on her Web site.

rest of article:

Hmmm, a monster made of human fat – how cute.

What do you think about this issue?


4 thoughts on “Knitting Patterns and Copyrights: Dr. Who?

  1. Kathy Sue says:

    Are they picking on the person who designed the crochet Drs Who and Rose, and the Daleks? Is your lady selling them or something? I can see where that would get their attention in regards to copyright.

  2. Alex Cull says:

    I can kind of see where the BBC is coming from, but it still seems a bit harsh. After all, it doesn’t appear that Mazzmatazz was selling the designs herself. If people wanted to use the patterns to make things for their own enjoyment, or as gifts, why not? It’s a bit sad.

    Having said that, not sure if I’d want an Adipose or Ood sweater. It would have to be a Dalek!

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