Why Knit a Cupcake, or a Sandwich, or……?

A few weeks back, I posted some patterns for different food items, like cupcakes, and mushrooms. They’re pretty hot right now, all over the web. One of the comments to that post asked why anyone would feel the need to make a cupcake out of yarn. I wondered that myself, actually. Today there’s a thread on one of the knitting forums I frequent, asking the same question. Here are some of the answers:

Fewer calories than the real thing.

They make cute pincushions.

For kitchen decorations.

As kids’ toys.

Because they’re cute.

They make me smile.

Because it’s fun.

Not everything has to have a purpose.

Good way to use leftover yarn.

If you’ve every knitted a cupcake, or carrot, or piece of pie, let us know what your reason was. I’m sure it;s a good one!


3 thoughts on “Why Knit a Cupcake, or a Sandwich, or……?

  1. k says:

    I love to knit cupcakes to give as a little birthday gift, or once I knit donuts for a girl who worked at Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s also just fun!!!!! Visit my blog!

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